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      • Meeting an entrepreneur a week - WEEK 1

        I am starting a project where i am hoping to meet and chat with an entrepreneur every week. The reason i am doing this is because I am trying to cheat the system and learn as much as i can about running businesses and being an entrepreneur with the lowest possible...

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      • New kids backpack

        We received the new sample of the kids backpack the other day and we have put it to the toddler test.     Otto and Luka helped put it to the test. It was a little struggle to get on Luka but once it was on he wouldn't less us...

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      • Goodordering on Brompton biycles

        The Goodordering shopper and pannier have special clips which allow the bags to attach to the handlebars of the Brompton. The height of the handlebars from the wheels means that this is the perfect fit.

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